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By Heather Wadowski | December 22, 2001

James Eugene Carrey, better known to millions as the wacky $20-million comic Jim Carrey, is constantly labeled by the public. Ever since bending over and talking out of his a*s in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” the actor hasn’t been able to shed his persona as the comedian “who talks out of his a*s. In fact, he hasn’t even been able to shed his persona as a comedian. Despite giving Oscar-worthy performances in both The Truman Show and Man on the Moon, Carrey has been snubbed by both the Academy and most of the public, neither of which will believe that the Canadian comic can be a dramatic actor. If one were to take a close look at Carrey’s personal life, however, they would easily see that Carrey isn’t all laughs — he has a dark and painful side to him as well.
Like most successful actors, Carrey struggled to get to the top. A high school drop out, Carrey has survived through some tough times. Although he may be all smiles on television, he is still haunted by his past– a past that includes living with his family in a van and doing janitorial work as a teenager to help put food on his family’s table. While these moments weren’t covered by press in great detail– after all, back then Carrey was just a chipped-tooth class clown — Carrey has had to smile for the cameras while he was going through two divorces and his father’s death. Now, Carrey is going through another life-changing event in front of the world — turning 40.
When I met with Carrey at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills to discuss his newest film, The Majestic, Carrey was — of course — all smiles. As we talked about his latest attempt to prove to the world there’s more to him than laughs, Carrey began opening up about the more sensitive subjects in his life. We discussed his upcoming milestone birthday and how he feels about his life in general, as well as his ever-going battle with the Academy for that long deserved Academy Award. Carrey also talked about his current dating status and his quest to live out one more dream, the dream to finally become an American citizen. As I listened to Carrey discuss his life in brief detail, one thing was for certain — Carrey is definitely a man the public can’t pidgeonhole. His performance in The Majestic is proof that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Jim Carrey.
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