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By Mark Bell | December 16, 2012

Greg (Daniel Silver) is a loser when it comes to the ladies, a fact that is not lost on his best friend Jesse (Veronica Cooper), who pushes poor Greg to engage in a conversation with a woman who appears to have the eyes for him. The meeting seems to go well between Greg and the mysterious Michelle (Daniella Pineda), except for the part where she picks his pocket and steals his watch. Upset over the loss of the watch, since it has sentimental value, Greg finds and confronts Michelle about it, falling in love with being a perpetual victim to a pretty face.

Aaron Kheifets’ short film Jacked is a darkly funny romantic comedy about a sad sack and the woman who can’t wait to take advantage of him. It’s a straightforward premise, and humorous in the repetitious plight of weak-willed hero. It also helps that the performances of Daniel Silver and Daniella Pineda are charismatic and engaging.

The film is paced well, and has a unique look; the image is almost bleached out, or perhaps faded. Whatever it is, I really enjoyed the look of it. Overall, Jacked is an example of a well-written and made short film that gets out before it gets old.

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  1. George says:

    I enjoyed the look of this film a lot, what did they shoot it on?

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