By Chris Gore | July 20, 2000

It’s the Rage is one of those indie movies that will only open in New York and LA, so the rest of the country, consider yourself lucky.
The plot weaves four separate stories together that all involve guns. The most shocking thing about this film is the number of big name actors actually turning in admirable performances. And it’s kind of entertaining since the script is so godawful. I mean, what were Jeff Daniels, Gary Sinise, Giovanni Ribisi, Joan Allen and David Schwimmer thinking?! Okay, wait, I think I know what David Schwimmer was thinking — Help me, I need a movie career!
I am not a gun owner myself, but this film hits you over the head with its anti-gun message so hard and in such a blatant and obvious way, it made me want to go out and get an uzi. Because, you see, according to this film, owning a gun is bad.
It’s the Rage has definitely made my top ten list – for worst movies of the year!

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