During Valentine’s Day weekend, February 14-16, Showtime Networks Inc. will premiere a special short film presentation “Scenarios USA Shorts” on SHO TOO, SHO WOMEN and SHO NEXT.
“Scenarios USA Shorts” consists of short films, the scripts of which were written by high school kids around the country. The teens are winners of three different juried contests hosted by the New York- based non-profit group Scenarios USA. Scenarios attempts to engage kids in writing scripts about how they make choices on matters pertaining to their health. The scripts, after being developed into short films, are subsequently used by educators in schools and community groups to spark dialogue on the issues they address, which include HIV/AIDS, violence, unintended pregnancy, sexual identity and more.
The young writers of the five best scripts from 2002 were paired with renowned filmmakers who journeyed to the writer’s hometowns and worked with them to create short films that captured the essence of their stories. This year’s filmmakers include: Michael Apted (“Coal Miner’s Daughter,” The World is Not Enough), Griffin Dunne (“Practical Magic,” “Addicted to Love”), David Frankel (“Band of Brothers,” “Sex and the City”), Tamara Jenkins (“Slums of Beverly Hills,” “Family Remains”), Jim McKay (Our Song) and Hannah Weyer (“La Boda”).
Scenarios hope is that by offering teens an opportunity to team up with film industry pros to make these shorts, it will serve to inspire kids throughout the country to act more responsibly and make the right choices on sexual matters.
Showtime will package the following four short films together to air as one program – “Lipstick,” “Today I Found Out,” “From an Objective Point of View” and “Just Like You Imagined?”
SERVICE/DATE/TIME ^ SHO WOMEN Friday, February 14 8:00pm ET/PT ^ SHO TOO Saturday, February 15 9:00pm ET/PT ^ SHO NEXT Sunday, February 16 7:00pm ET/PT
For more information, visit the Showtime website.

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