Capra and Stone have helmed big meaty Presidentially-themed films, and you could probably do it too. In the time it takes to finish up this election nonsense, you have time to write a 500 word election-themed film pitch for Director’s World’s Election Pitch-a-Thon. All submissions will get feedback from two specially-selected industry professionals, Julie Durk and F.X. Feeney, whose combined credits include work with “You’ve Got Mail” and “Conspiracy Theory” among other big titles. Here’s the nitty-gritty:
– Send your pitch to to by [ December 1st. ] ^ – Keep the pitch to no more than 500 words — they encourage you to be brief. ^ – The pitches will be posted along with Julie’s and F.X.’s assessments and advice on [ ] and affiliate sites by [ December 14th. ] ^ – If you are part of a writer-director team, list the names of all the creators. ^ – You will retain the copyright to your idea, and DirectorsWorld will not develop, produce or distribute your project in any way. ^ – This is a learning exercise, not a contest!
[ Let the Election Pitch-a-Thon begin… ]

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