An all-new episodic adventure from everybody’s favorite gay couple, the delightful Rick and Steve, has just debuted on the web. Those who pay a visit to [ Hypnotic.com ] will get a hot and savory slice of “Cum and Quiche” — the duo’s first adventure, in a series of four, that will be ready for the faithful fans (from over 90 film festivals, and counting) in the months to come.
The new adventures promise to include all of the original cast as well as guest appearances by RuPaul Charles, Guinevere Turner, and Guillermo Diaz. Never ones to shy away from the controversial, the new installments will cover “babysitting, circuit parties, recreational drugs, the gay ghetto, candlelight vigils, lesbian retreats and three-ways.”
Catch a glimpse for yourself under the “Hylights” section at [ the Hypnotic.com website. ]

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