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By Rory L. Aronsky | May 24, 2006

AtomFilms is getting into the business of making short films. Earlier this year, they launched AtomFilms Studios, a mega opportunity for filmmakers to do the voodoo they do. And with “Insex”, what a way to begin!

Efram Potelle & Kyle Rankin were the winners of one of the Project Greenlight contests, directing “The Battle of Shaker Heights.” It’s clear that without the drama piled on to them during the making of that one, they know what they want to make and AtomFilms has stepped aside to let them do it in this brief, almost science-fictiony saga of a guy (Kyle Rankin) who’s looking forward to getting laid on the first date, but contending with a lot more than merely waiting for the girl (Annie Abrams) to “slip into something more comfortable,” as she says.

As the panicked, hapless h***y man, Kyle Rankin has to have made the record for the fastest time any man has taken anything off in preparation for the good life under the sheets, above the sheets, on the floor, wherever. Quick editing contributes to that, of course, but he also garners many laughs in making sure by looking at a beer bottle that there’s nothing in his teeth. But woe to any man whose date tells him that she has a bug she wants him to meet. Potelle and Rankin have got it down right with their comedy: Present a real-life situation and then ram into it something totally unexpected that alternately creates laughter and worry over whether the character will get out of the situation. But damn, that’s a big bug!

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