By Stephanie Donnelly | September 7, 2000

How many times have you blackened your fingers flipping through the pages and pages of newspaper it takes to find indie film listings and the right theater? Sure, the big studios dole out a lot of dubloons for full-page ads with all the handy information smack-dab in your face, but oft times the indie film theater listing gets lost in the shuffle of those newsprint pages. And the movie-megasites that list showtimes and such are often bigger fans of the summer blockbuster than the latest in Italian cinema. And MovieFone? Sometimes, I want to slap MovieFone.
Enter [ ] The site is dedicated to providing listings of indie film theatres nationwide, all at the click of a button. In a town like Los Angeles, it’s relatively easy to scroll through and find a theater in your area, as there are quite a few, but also caters to the Iowas and Alaskas of this fair nation. And the listings will continue to grow as users add their area theaters to the database, which is nothing short of great.

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