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By Film Threat Staff | July 1, 2000

Allies of independent publishing on the internet will gather in San Francisco for an exhibition, forum, and party to celebrate those who create and want to create for the new medium.
“We have waited too long to face the evil, and there is no more waiting,” declared Webzine 2000 organizer Ryan Junell. “We won’t allow dot-com strip malls and passive entertainment the opportunity to come to power.”
Grassroots organizers created the Webzine event in 1998 to unite creators from the web and other media in an informal environment to discuss the meaning of independent publishing in relation to an ever-growing commercialized internet.
Audience members at Webzine 99 and Webzine 98 included activists, designers, journalists, dj’s, web workers, educators, artists, culture jammers, subversive anarchists, slackers, a******s, academics, and cool kids. Speakers at past Webzine events included Burning Man founder Larry Harvey (“Radical Expression on New Frontiers”), REsearch Publications founder V. Vale (“If the Web Were Punk”), Factsheet Five Publisher Seth Friedman, Andi Zeisler from Bitch Magazine, Amy Francescini of Future Farmers, Mark Pauline from Survival Research Laboratories, Srini Kumar of Unamerican Activities, and 45 other independent media creators.
In spite of two previous Webzine events, e-commerce and consumer brainwashing have shown no signs of slowing down. “Webzine 2000 will establish that the web is a democratic medium for personal, creative and alternative expression.” said event organizer Scott Beale. Webzine 2000 stands out as the foremost global event for independent publishing on the internet.
The event will be held on July 22nd from 4pm until 2am at 2050 Bryant Street in San Francisco, California. Experimental digital music works will be performed in the evening by Kid606, Lesser, Terbo Ted, Wobbly, Crispus, D-84 (from Blechtum from Blechdom), and Kill the Robots. The audience is expected to exceed 700 people throughout the course of the day. People 18 and up will be charged $5 – 10 sliding scale. People under the age of 18 will be admitted free of charge.
To find out more, volunteer, attempt to mooch free admission, or laugh at last year’s pictures, go to [ ]

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