By admin | February 3, 2011

Kelly Sears’ short provides a rapid mix of meteorologically inspired imagery in a tale of a weatherman’s uneasy relationship with his cloudy work. Poet Anthony McCann provides a hipster narration that puts storm movements and weather patterns in the same realm of a doomed love affair. Corey Fogel, playing the meteorologist, glances around with appropriate confusion and angst as vivid hues and dangerous emotions engulf him.

“Jupiter Elicius” is part of a wider endeavor called “Orbit(film),” which, according to the filmmaker’s website, involves “all parts of our solar system…represented by a short film, each made by a different filmmaker, dealing with the science of outer space through creative and emotional storytelling and visual poetry.” If the other films in this project are at the same level of Sears’ entertaining work, the cumulative effort promises to be something special.

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