Nothing so Strange filmmaker Brian Flemming has announced his intention to run as a candidate for governor in California’s October 7, 2003, recall election.
“I have one plank in my platform,” said Flemming. “If elected, I will immediately resign. This action will make Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante the Governor of California.”
Because most prominent Democrats, including Bustamante, have refused to run, out of solidarity with Gov. Gray Davis, there will likely be few choices for Democrats on the recall ballot. Flemming intends to be the focus of liberal voters, while several announced Republican candidates may split the conservative vote.
Word of Flemming’s unique candidacy leaked out through his personal weblog earlier this week, and words of encouragement are pouring in from the “blogging” community, especially those in the Golden State.
“The people of California are furious at the right-wing attempt to hijack our democracy. My platform is a novel solution that has a lot of appeal. People can still vote against recalling Davis–but then, on the second vote in that election, they can choose my name from the list as a backup plan, and the person whom Californians already elected to replace Davis will take the governor’s office as soon as I resign, which will be the same minute I am inaugurated.”
Visit Brian at his campaign website.

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