Self destruction is not a pretty tale and “Imperfect Solace” is one of these cases. A mildly observant character study of substance addiction, “Imperfect Solace” faithfully attempts to tackle this subject matter with brutal honesty, yet is heavy-handed in its result.

Trying to unlock the family’s dirty laundry, Miranda (Kenya Rene) goes though the daily routine of addiction while on a self-destructive relationship with everyone surrounding her. This substance abuse is obviously an escape from her past, not to mention her reality. This can clearly be seen in her many dreamscapes of wandering drug addiction that digs into her parents past, job problems, and current relationship. It’s her way of putting the mental band-aid on the problems without confronting the issues at hand. Soon, she subconsciously burns all bridges in an effort to finally confront the demons of her past.

Director James Henderson creates a slow burn to Miranda’s breakdown; though not the most somber, it builds well to its dark result. Kenya Rene portrays Miranda as unsympathetic, but revealing of a mental breakdown that she clearly can’t control.
Unfortunately, “Imperfect Solace” conclusion boarders on obvious due to some over dramatization, yet doesn’t take the “After School Special” solution to the issue. “Imperfect Solace” means well, but needs a couple therapy sessions to be cured.

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