STRINGERS won the audience award at the Austin Film Festival!! Absolutely amazing!!! I didn’t think we even stood a chance to get in and now we won the damned audience award! John from the AFF called me last night and told me the news. I was driving home when he called and I seriously don’t remember driving after that. My mind was racing. It feels so good to know people liked our film. Now maybe we can pitch it as a TV show again…

CLICK HERE>>> to see it in writing if you don’t believe me. I’ve clicked it at least 50 times since last night.

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  1. gigi says:

    Freaking Awesome! As someone who knows the pain and suffering that goes into a film (and I havent even done anything haha) I respect you going the distance! Bask in your glory and enjoy this time, you deserve it. And STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT!

    Proud of you, hugs!

  2. I won award once in my dreams.

    Congrats dude.

  3. Don Lewis says:

    I always was…now I just have it in writing…

  4. Mark Bell says:


    I won an award once, for *something grumbles sonmething something*…

    Are you better than us now?

  5. Pete says:

    Outstanding my friend, congratulations!

  6. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:


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