I grew up in Michigan, and the very first film festival I attended was in Ann Arbor, MI. The Ann Arbor Film Festival has a rich history having challenged the sensibilities of filmgoers for 45 years. Recently the festival had a chunk of funding pulled from the state based on what was perceived to be “porn” by elected officials. After I heard about the situation, I knew I had to return to show my support for the festival that got me hooked on indie film.

I’ll be taking on the funding issue and censorship on the Hot and Bothered panel on Saturday March 24th at 1:30pm. I’ll join Eddie Schmidt (This Film Is Not Yet Rated), Elaine King (Carnegie Melon) and Matthew Bernstein (Emory University) in what is sure to be an exciting discussion of film. I’m sure someone will use terms such as “penis” and maybe even “vagina.” Sure, these are medical terms, but sensitive folks are liable to get their panties in a bunch, which is always fun to watch.

So come on down to the Michigan Theater this week and I’ll see you at the festival!

Gore gone!

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  1. Porter Rossen says:

    Go Wolverines!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    I think part of the problem of labeling films as “pornography” comes from Jack Valenti calling some NC-17 films “vile pornography” and therefore causing people who don’t know anything about how flawed the ratings system is to avoid these films like the plague.

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