IFC has announced a partnership with Comcast digital cable to release “day and date” movies via Comcast’s “On-Demand” feature. The feature will be called “IFC in Theaters” and viewers will have the option to go out and see the film at an art house type theatre, buy it on DVD or stay home in their undies, pay $5.99 for the film and eat a half gallon of ice cream while they watch it. The sacrificial lamb this time around (RIP “Bubble”) will be “American Gun” a “Crash” sounding drama starring Donald Sutherland, Marcia Gay Harden and Forest Whitaker. Other films have already been secured for IFC/Comcast day and date release including “Sorry, Haters,” “Russian Dolls” and Caveh Zahedi’s “I am a Sex Addict.” So sit back, order up a flick and…

Read all about it at Reuters>>>

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