By Chris Gore | December 13, 2001

This film has not yet been reviewed. Check back later for the complete review here on Synopsis: WORLD PREMIERE – Benjamin Pell is reputed to have made over £1,000,000 a year selling stories to the British press. Pell gets his stories by stealing rubbish, sifting through it and selling documents to newspapers. No newspaper will admit that they deal with him, but all of them have. In fact, respected journalists frequently visit Pell’s document-filled house so they can get the first look at his latest scoops. So valuable are his stories that he was recently touted by the British press as deserving the Journalist of the Year award.
The black sheep of his middle-class Jewish family when he failed out of university, Pell discovered his purpose in rubbish. He became obsessed: He would gather more documents than anyone else ever has, he would make the most money, and his stories would be the biggest. All this, ultimately, to gain the approval from his parents which he has never gotten.

Pell believes that he was put on this earth by God to perform a function: To take rubbish which has been carelessly left out, and in doing so expose the negligence that is widespread in society. He will stop when there is no longer any negligence to expose. Which means he will never stop.

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