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By Eric Campos | June 1, 2002

Like “Project Redlight” here’s another short mockumentary spoofing the film business, ‘cept this one ain’t funny. Now some may not find this film funny just because they’d be too sensitive to the whole subject of snuff movies, even though it’s treated very lightly, but not me. I have no such sensitivity. I just didn’t think the attempt at humor here was effective at all.
Right away, the film makes its two points – the first is that people would be willing to die to work with Spielberg and the other is that Spielberg can pretty much get away with anything in Hollywood, even murder. After these points are made, the ensuing length of the film takes us on a very dull and predictable look behind the scenes of this snuff film, which is called “Snuff Enuff?”, through interviews with the screenwriter, studio executives, the casting agent and the actors themselves. I think that the actors are all so blasé about the fact that they’re about to be snuffed out on camera is the filmmakers’ best attempt at humor here.
This film comes as incredibly naïve and stiff. I think it would take a certain sense of humor to be able to pull off this subject matter and make it funny. A certain few screws loose. But the filmmakers here just didn’t have it.

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