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By Film Threat Staff | August 23, 2006

Horror fans will soon own a signature piece of one of the most controversial horror movies. “Bryan Loves You” is the 1993 true story of a cult that takes over an AZ town and stars Tony Todd (“Candyman”), George Wendt (“King of the Ants”), Tiffany Shepis (“Abominable”), Daniel Roebuck (“The Devil’s Rejects”), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Entertainment) and Brinke Stevens (“The Slumber Party Massacre”).

The one-of-a-kind masks specifically designed for the movie have generated plenty of talk since first being pictured at Fangoria and dozens of horror media outlets.

Now, the producers of “Bryan Loves You”, Landau Motion Pictures, are giving away 6 of the Masks of the Bryans (aka their “Head Coverings”) to horror fans. Fifty were hand-made for the production; the specific mask templates used have since been discontinued. Masks of the Bryans will be shipped to select horror media outlets; each mask has a secret email address written on the inside. The first six horror fans to answer the question – “In which Arizona city did the events portrayed in ‘Bryan Loves You’ actually happen?” – will win the masks. Winners will be asked to send an email to the secret address written on the mask with the subject “I’ve met Bryan.” This October, they’ll be mailed the first ever footage from “Bryan Loves You” released to the public. They’ll also receive a pass for two to the Summer of 2007 “Bryan Loves You” Premiere in Los Angeles. Horror fans will have until Sept. 8th, 2006; if there are not 6 fans who have the correct answer at the deadline, the masks will then be awarded at random.

Film Threat has two of the masks! Send in your answers to for your chance to win. Use the Subject Line – MASKS OF THE BRYANS CONTEST – when sending your email.

“Bryan Loves You” is produced by Landau Motion Pictures and writer/director/co-star Seth Landau. In “Bryan Loves You”, a cult takes over an Arizona town. When cult members find people who don’t believe in Bryan, they set out to convert and if not, kill the non-believers. Shot in a “recovered-footage” style using first- and third-person POV and security camera angles; audiences will believe what they’re watching is real.

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