By Admin | November 25, 2003

“IceMaker” has too many flaws to make it a film worth recommending. It’s a slapstick crime caper comedy piece that has an interesting premise (a doctor develops a way to make people into diamonds), but is far too silly to enjoy. There wasn’t a single second where I believed the two criminals at the crux of the story, Bergerac (Bronson Pinchot) and Lulu (Darin Heames), could pull off jobs like the thefts of Napoleon’s corpse and Walt Disney’s head.
The problem with this movie, and movies like it, is that every character is a moron. Even the smart ones (in this case Eleanor, played by Tippi Hedren) act in such an idiotic manner that you find it hard to care about them. In fact, you wish something bad would happen to them just so the movie would end.
There are a few humorous moments, which saves this film from a lower rating, but the characters and their actions just kill any expectations in the movie.

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