By Rory L. Aronsky | January 13, 2005

Chad Peter of Sex and Drugs, and Chris Hanel of The Formula come together along with Michael Scott and Ryan Wieber to basically sit around for 4 minutes and try to come up with an idea that’s filmable.
Anyone out there that’s a filmmaker will undoubtedly relate to mentally pounding your head against a wall trying to figure out that one idea that could make your talents, if any, shine. Watching these four guys trying to think about what in the hell they should do is a lot of fun and also brings forth the opportunity for some great dialogue, which is scripted, and I could see that because some of those lines had to be worked out in order to make them what they were. However, you might not even think it’s scripted because the discussion just feels so natural among the four of them.
The talk ranges from the fact that the movie can’t involve Natalie Portman and a sex toy, to the thought that maybe they should make another lightsaber fight film. There’s a great moment where one of the guys suggest that they could make a movie about beryllium, and when Peter asks who will direct and act in it, the other three pipe up that they will. But when asked about who’s going to write it, there’s dead silence.
“How Movies Get Made” is yet another good-natured short that shows not only one brainstorming session among filmmakers, but also how useful the Internet can be when you’re not downloading porn, in that there’s worthwhile films to be viewed.

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