Building upon the success of the House of Docs, the 2003 Sundance Film Festival presents the Filmmaker Lodge/House of Docs. The four-year-old House of Docs program has been expanded to include all filmmakers while continuing its strong tradition of documentary programming. Designed as an informal meeting place and café for documentary and narrative filmmakers, the Filmmaker Lodge/House of Docs provides a venue for the independent film community and festivalgoers to share ideas and discuss issues affecting filmmaking today. Open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from January 17 through January 25, the Filmmaker Lodge/House of Docs is located at the Elks Lodge (550 Main St. in Park City).
Throughout the Festival, the Filmmaker Lodge/House of Docs provides opportunities for Festival filmmakers to network and meet both formally and informally with industry representatives, members of the press, and the international film community. The Lodge hosts discussions, panels, and conversations on topics addressing the creative process, ethics, current trends in filmmaking, development, financing, distribution, public relations, and exhibition in nonfiction and narrative film. The Lodge also presents the daily Outreach Table, a new resource showcasing media arts and filmmaker service organizations.
All of the Filmmaker Lodge/House of Docs receptions and activities are designed to cultivate dialogue between established and emerging filmmakers, the industry, and festivalgoers.
“Filmmaker Lodge/House of Docs will be the nerve center of the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, a nexus of intellectual, artistic, and informational exchange among all segments of the festival community,” said Diane Weyermann, Director of the Sundance Documentary Film Program. “Sundance’s strength is in both its diversity and it’s capacity to bring disparate visions and artistic approaches together. We hope to make the Filmmaker Lodge/House of Docs the place where all this happens.”
This year’s panels cover a variety of topics, including tips on how to maximize P.R. for individual films, creative producing in indie filmmaking, mainstream gay/lesbian films, political documentaries in the new millennium, discussions with filmmakers, publicists, journalists, distributors and film industry professionals.
For the list of panels, visit the Sundance website.

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