If you haven’t seen Leonard Maltin on “Entertainment Tonight,” then you’ve probably read one of his bestselling books — his most recent “Leonard Maltin’s Movie and Video Guide (2002 Edition).” Maltin is a popular film critic whose reviews appear in Playboy and a best-selling author and movie historian. He is one of America’s most popular critics and his accomplishments span over 20 years in the entertainment world. Well known for his commentary on “ET,” Maltin will now appear on a new syndicated movie preview show called “HOT Ticket” (Paramount Domestic Television) which debuts the week of September 17, 2001. On the show he will act as the veteran film critic among guest celebrities. Todd Newton (current host of E!’s “Coming Attractions”) will be the host. It was a great privilege to speak with Mr. Maltin about his new show, the movies, the role of a film critic…
Get the whole story in part two of HOT TICKET: A LEONARD MALTIN INTERVIEW>>>

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