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By Mark Bell | June 10, 2006

Day One of the 2006 CineVegas Film Festival is in the books and I’d like to say, for the record, that my voice is as golden as it ever was (last year this festival took my voice and innocence). The Film Threat team is out in force, with newcomers Jamie Tipps and Scott Miller joining the fun early, taking pics and shooting video while I… well, I talked to people. Yes, I think that’s all I really accomplished. Whether it be Dennis Hopper, the cast and filmmakers of “Strangers with Candy” or the fine folks behind, all I did was talk…

Scott Miller in Chippendales 2006
And I saw “Strangers with Candy,” which I really enjoyed. Stephen Colbert was unreal hilarious in the film, though I admit I am still more enamored with the television show. I think it’s that After School Special quality the show had, whereas the feature, being a more straight-up comedy with structured plot and such, feels less unique. Not a bad film at all, but I do dig the film more.

Jamie Tipps and Scott Miller at ghostbar
Ferraro arrived around 2am, so expect his brand of blogging to hit the site soon, as he gets to experience all that is CineVegas (as so far he’s only experienced all it is to sit next to me on a couch in the press office while I charge a camera battery and update web stuff).

Mark and Dennis “The Coolest Man Alive” Hopper

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