By Admin | March 15, 2004

In “Homework,” a young ballet dancer named Sara lives a controlled and emotionally detached life. Sara spends her days working towards perfection physically and mentally. Nothing in her life makes her happy, especially not her ignorant pseudo-intellectual boyfriend or her domineering mother.

So when she meets Jean, a plumber, modern dancer and all around interesting guy, Sara yearns to get to know more about him as well as herself.

Sara starts to realize that Jean, a pragmatic free spirit, may be the one thing in her life that brings sense and sensibility to her self-destruction situation. Jean sees through Sara’s emotional disconnect and her deceptions as the two head towards a relationship that they both want and seem to need.

The technical aspects of this flick are all top notch. The cinematography, music mix and especially the acting are all amazing for an indie film. First time writer / director Kevin Asher Green is on the top of his game in “Homework.” He subtly uses stunning visuals to convey various emotions within the film. Paz De La Huerta and Isaach De Bankole bring a tension and innocence to their strange and new relation with each other.

While at times “Homework” is a bit slow, it’s still an interesting movie about interesting people.

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