August 7th was the official night for the 4th Annual Hollywood Film Festival’s Hollywood Film Awards ceremony, which honored independent filmmakers and established Hollywood professionals at the ritzy Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. A capacity crowd was in attendance for the celebration, and many were left in standing-room-only status.
Special awards went to legendary actors (and all-around superstars) Richard Dreyfuss and Morgan Freeman for their contributions to the art of film, and acclaimed filmmakers Richard Donner, Jonathan Krane, Mace Neufeld, Thelma Schoonmaker, Michael Kamen, and Henry Bumstead were also recognized in the evening’s lineup. Angelina Joile, still aglow from her Oscar nod, was given the award for Best Actress, and Russell Crowe was doled out Best Actor honors.
The Awards also shifted the focus from big-budget studio hoopla to the independent scene by honoring the independently-produced feature films “Marlene” and “A Place Nearby” with the awards for Best Feature and Best European Feature.
For more on the Hollywood Film Festival Awards, go to [ www.hollywoodawards.com ]

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