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By Film Threat Staff | January 5, 2001

There’s no typo — the infamous short once known to many as “The E! True Hollywood Story: JarJar Binks” has undergone a little nip-and-tuck, and is now known as the “F!” channel’s expose. And this hilarious short will make its way to Park City later this month for the NoDance Film Festival, which runs from [ January 20th ] through [ January 26th, 2001 ] . “JarJar” will screen as a part of the Festival’s Comedy Shorts series.
Film Threat’s got an exculsive interview with the “JarJar” creators in Part One and Part Two doses, as well as a Film Threat Review of the short itself. And for the latest official “JarJar” news, and your chance to see the short, pay a visit to [ the “F! True Hollywood Story: JarJar Binks” site. ]
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