By Admin | July 5, 2011

At only four minutes long (little less than three, if the credits aren’t there), Oliver Franklin Anderson’s Hollow is a short film that lends itself to repeat viewings and dissection. It’s disturbing and creepy, but also has an eccentric look about it; like a memory being played back from one’s childhood, it’s not all smooth and video-like, but instead snapshots come to life. It evokes all the possibility of an unforgettable moment or adventure in childhood, but also floats in a menacing cloud. Where did this story go next? Where could it go? I WANT TO SEE MORE!!!

Everything about this short film hits on quality, and you should really stop reading what I have to say and just watch it already…

This film was submitted for review through our Submission for Review system. If you have a film you’d like us to see, and we aren’t already looking into it on our own, you too can utilize this service.

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  1. TC says:

    Very well done. Thanks for that.

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