Have you had enough “Heroes”? Annoyed about the constant references? Mad because you’re reading a TV entry on a movie website? Well suck it up, bitch! You’re going to sit there and read this. Don’t like it? Go read another blog! No, please stay… my editor sends dead birds to my house if I don’t meet his standards.

Anyway, the “Heroes” season finale was great, even if it was a bit of a let down. I get the feeling not only was this meant as a segue into season two or “Volume Two,” but it was an attempt by the writers not to set the bar too high. If we had an epic battle with explosions for season one, then we really can only go down from here. Sure “Heroes” has undergone scrutiny also. It’s a rip off of “Watchmen,” “Unbreakable,” “X-Men,” and whatever else, but hell, I still love it to pieces.

Well to celebrate, I just had a small run down of the series with different categories. There be spoilers, mate.

Favorite Hero
The popular choice is usually Hiro, and while I love the character with all my heart, I have to go with Peter on this one. In the end, we know what was what. Mother Petrelli would have rather killed everyone else and risked Peter than have Nathan die. But Peter prevailed in the end, not only did he stare Sylar down more than once, but he allowed the others to intervene and get their licks in, while also letting Hiro get in his last effort. Peter has been a thorn in the side of Sylar forever. Not only can he soak up other people’s powers without tracking them down and killing them, but he can match Sylar’s power. And I have a feeling this rivalry isn’t over.

Favorite Villain
Sylar, of course. The mean brain eating son of a bitch is really just a mama’s boy who is weak to her command, and he’ll saw anyone’s head open to take their power, but he refuses to kill humans. He refuses because not only are they innocent, but they’re also pretty useless to his effort. He surpassed reality and time, killed almost without conscience, and really gave everyone a bitch of a time throughout. In the future he killed DL, he killed Nathan, he killed Candace, he killed Claire, he enlisted the powers of Matt and Suresh, he became the president, and he settled a score with Peter. And did I mention he was so powerful he could outdo Hiro’s powers, too? Ah, Sylar, I love to hate you, buddy. Why do I get the feeling he’s the third Petrelli brother? Hmm… it’s possible.

Best line:
Hiro: This is how we Roll.

Ando was being kidnapped by a group of people in a van giving Hiro time to escape. Hiro, being a hero, comes back for his faithful buddy. Ando’s death was highly suspected this season, but his current status of life is something I’m pondering on. Will he play a bigger role? We’ll see. Meanwhile, this little line of great dialogue was Hiro’s indication he’d been in Western culture too goddamn long, but hell thanks to Masi Oka’s acting, it was delivered with enough humor to make a potentially stinky line utterly hilarious. A close competitor would be: This is usually the part where people start screaming.

Uh, R-i-i-i-ght:
Nathan: You Saved the Cheerleader, and you Saved the World.

I’m shocked Pasdar said that with a straight face. Now, I’m not saying it was terrible, but in a gripping moment where Peter and Nathan are being brothers, preparing to take one last leap of death, this line was pretty flat and clunky mainly because it could have been muttered with a much more interesting wording. I was just ripped from the moment, what can I say?

Character death Mourned:
Charlie Andrews was a very close second for this category. Not only was she an excellent character, but she was someone we could really root for. Jayma Mays played her with a vulnerability that made many audiences fall for her, and it was no surprise Hiro did, too. Her death by the hands of Sylar, and then her death by cancer was heartbreaking, but for my money, Ted is the really sad death of the season. Ted was just a misunderstood little lad who couldn’t really help what he was in the end. He killed his wife, he demolished almost everything around him, and killed mainly anyone that wanted help him. It was a sad fate to see Ted sawed open for Sylar’s picking. I avoided that pun like a pro.

Character Death long time coming:
Isaac. Hey, the character was great at the beginning when predicting what would be a Earth shattering disaster, but after a while, he really overstayed his welcome. What with Matt being able to read minds, Primatech garnering connections all over the world, and Peter adopting Isaac’s power, was there really a need for him beyond six episodes? Hey, Isaac’s death was sad, and pretty cool to boot, but it had to come sooner than later.

They’re still Around?
It’s a real tie between Bill Fagerbakke and Eric Roberts. Not only did these two suddenly pop up out of nowhere, but they played some interesting roles. In a sub-plot I could take or leave, the sub-plot involving Bill Fagerbakke as a crooked cop was forgettable, but Eric Roberts as one of the head honchos Thompson was slimy, deceitful, and he was a memorable foil to Noah Bennett for half of the season. Roberts played him with a wry wit that worked. Well done, old bean.

Peter and Sylar went at it all throughout the season, and all we really get are two punches, and Nikki intervening? I wanted a knockdown drag out that would shake my seat. I’m still firm in my belief that there’s more than what we saw in the climax, but I just wanted more powers, more bone crunching, more of Peter and Sylar smashing one another to pieces. I wanted blood, damn you! I’ll hold out hope season two is just as good.

Best Moment of the Season
Future Peter and Future Sylar throwing down; if you weren’t pleased with the finale, then you can rewatch Future Peter and Future Sylar beating the hell out of one another in a bout of fire and ice. Not only was the episode excellent, but Sylar and Peter were really going to knock at one another sooner or later. Watching the two match opposite elements and run at one another had me howling like it was the super bowl, and I still get tingles watching it.

Obvious, but Fun!
It was only inevitable that the best show on television would be granted a cameo by the man, the myth: Stan Lee. Having the man who birthed Spider-Man and X-Men on this excellent show was only a matter of time, and a well earned endorsement. His cameo as a bus driver in a pivotal point of the show between Hiro and Ando was entertaining and another great appearance from the master.

Please Return:
Peter, Claude, and Candace. In the future episode, Peter blew up the city, but he didn’t die. So, Peter’s end where he took off with Nathan to die is possibly not the end for the character. Hell, Nathan died, he’s gone. So long Adrian Pasdar, you’re a really intense actor, and your voice is great, but it’s time to go. Peter, will you return? Candace, she was cold cocked by Nikki/Jessica, and the character has so much potential, I’m anxiously hoping she returns. Missy Peregrym may not have been the star Hollywood touted her as, but damn it, she’s hot and her character is, too. And Claude played Obi-Wan to Peter’s Luke, now where did he go? Why did he go? And can he return for a bigger arc?

Biggest Surprise so far:
Someone is scarier than Sylar? After Matt talks with Molly, the survivor about locating Sylar, he fears she may be too afraid. In a shocking revelation, we learn from her that the Boogeyman she talks of was someone much worse than Sylar. Ah-wha?! Someone is actually scarier than Sylar? Not only does this mean that Molly really didn’t fear Sylar too much, but the person that killed her family was probably someone other than Sylar. Or perhaps the boogeyman came after or during? Ah, Season two already has its hold on me.

So there, that’s my “Heroes” fill until season two rolls around. This summer we have “Heroes: Origins” coming in a gimmicky hailstorm involving viewer voting, but I’ll be anxious to discover new characters and which ones will be coming on to season two. As for me, I’m glad I gave “Heroes” a chance. As a comic book geek, I’m glad we have a mature series on the air that can put “Smallville” to shame.

Will Season two be just as great, or fall from grace? We’ll see.

Thanks for sitting with me, the movie razzmatazz will be back tomorrow.

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  1. I would just point out perhaps under They’re Still Around?, Ellen Greene, Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors as Sylar’s mother.

    And how about the thing Molly is afraid of is that Lovecraftian demon thing in one of those comics. I don’t know if Mendez drew that particular comic, but its an idea. Uluru or something…

    I think Bob might be right about Hiro’s dad. Remember when he said he’d waited a long time for a Nakumura to ‘ascend’?

    I just finished the DVD of season one, that’s why I’m just now checking this out. I watched it all in about three days. I’ll go nuts if I can’t just put the next disc in, or wait till I get off work… Yes I’m a fiend. My eyes turn white and I witness the fantastical.


  2. Bob says:

    Felix, I’m totally in agreement with you in quite a few ways. Theories about a possible “true” origin of Sylar have been floating around my house for a few weeks. Mama Petrelli seems too evil to not be tied in. I’m interested in Charles Devereaux and his connection to current Peter as opposed to past-nursing Peter. In the final moments it looked vagule like George Takei was the lone rider in the closing scene at the start of Volume 2. I wonder if his ability is immortatlity or at the very least longevity. It would speak to the Nakomura strength/heritage he spoke of while sparring with Hiro.

    We were shouting at the television to lop off Sylar’s head after Hiro stabbed him, because you know great villain (or bad slasher villains) always comeback if you don’t deliberatley finish the job.

    All in all, many new threads have been pulled while a few old ones remain unresolved. I love it.
    Don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine Little Orphan Annie! This is classic serial storytelling with modern tech and edgieness. Bravo!! Tim Kring has a good thing goin.

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