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By Eric Campos | February 18, 2005

You ever seen a dog wearing pants? I don’t mean cartoon dog pants that would fit. I mean cartoon people pants that would be way too big and prohibit the dog from walking properly. Yeah, you ever seen that? If not, then you should. It’s too fuckin’ funny. The place to find this image is in animated short, “Herman, the Legal Labrador”.

Herman is a legal Labrador. Legal meaning that he is a criminal defense attorney and yes, he wears pants, we already went over all of that. Herman doesn’t speak English; he’s a normal little doggie, more or less, but that doesn’t stop him from defending an innocent young kid on trial for murder and going up against the Worldwide Brotherhood of Evil.

“Herman” contains tons of charm and plenty of bizarre laughs, but the thing that stands out most is that this animated short was made by someone who really loves animals, or at least, finds them as funny as I do. The subtle quirks and mannerisms of the animals here, mostly from Herman, are hysterical and I want some more!

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