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By Eric Campos | January 1, 2006

Star Trek fans have Trekkies. Star Wars fans have Starwoids. Everquest fans have Everquest Players LFG. And heavy metallers have “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”. So who’s next on the chopping block? What group of savage fans is next to be goofed on via embarrassing documentary? Well, whoever it is, it won’t be as brutal as this one. “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” is the king of embarrassing fan documentaries. Makes me ashamed to be a metal maniac. I’m trading in my bullet belt for a pair of Adidas right now!
The trouble…actually…the LEGEND, of “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” began in 1986 when filmmakers John Heyn and Jeff Krulik decided to brave the parking lot of a Maryland concert arena as a crowd of people showed up for a Judas Priest show. If you don’t see the recipe for catastrophe here, then there’s something wrong with you. The mullets, the ripped jeans, the tiger striped spandex, the thirteen year old girlfriends and the Budweiser fueled moronathon – “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” is a total meltdown and damn is it funny!
“Heavy Metal Parking Lot” is the ultimate party film and it’s only 16 minutes long too, which is a good thing because attention spans at parties are usually nil. But pop this one on at your next heavy metal vomit rager and you’ll no doubt have everyone there spouting off lines from it all night long. The greatest hits include “My name’s Graham. You know, like gram of dope!” and “They should make a joint so big that it fits across America and we’d all smoke it!” Yes, these are higher beings we’re dealing with here.
It wasn’t long ago that I read somewhere that “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” is the biggest passed around videotape ever, even more than the Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson sex tape. Now, with it gaining such amazing cult status, the filmmakers have decided to release “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” to theaters. So, with that in mind, if you haven’t seen “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” yet and you’re here at the Film Threat website, you need to go have a little time out in the corner so you can think about what you done.

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