By Admin | October 24, 2013

Selling a home is one of the few times strangers are invited in on a grand scale, and it’s acceptable. But how well do you really know your local real estate agent?

Adam Palcher’s newest short film, Head Over Heels, is a very alarming depiction of what can happen when we allow a real estate agent to have the keys and free reign over our residence when we are away. In this very toxic little thriller, a rather mundane realtor (Kasota Stone) wanders freely throughout the residence he’s been entrusted to sell, and attempts to piece together who the owner really is. All of this seems quite normal—natural curiosity and all—but what happens next is beyond anything you’re likely to imagine, and then some…

In regard to the underlying concept of the film, I have to say I’m extremely impressed by the simple structure of the story and how far reaching and strong it is, in spite of the fact that there are only two characters in the movie. Co-writers Adam Palcher and Adam Sherlock are obviously very gifted storytellers and possess that rare ability to compel us into their world, and keep us there, even when we’d much rather run for our lives.

Unfortunately, what weakens Head Over Heels is an over-abundance of voiceover in a very short movie. While I can almost understand why Palcher resorted to this technique, in that for most of the film’s duration the realtor is alone in the house, too much description is never a good thing.

Still, I must reiterate that Adam Palcher does seem to have the filmmaking goods to capture our imagination, and create horror out of situations that appear normal on the surface. I very much look forward to seeing what he next brings to the big screen.

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