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By Doug Brunell | May 11, 2007

Oh, what a horrible waste of time. Robots (actually people with pails on their heads) hang out and talk about the new Gary and the Space Nuggets album. (I guess there is some truth in the movie’s title.) There’s a bit of a problem when one of the robots (Dave Cole) has some work done that screws up his speech function, but that’s about all the conflict you’ll get in this mercifully short film.

I don’t know if this is some episode of something off the web, and I don’t care enough to find out. I’ll give the filmmakers credit for originality, but that’s it. There’s just nothing to it, and that irritates me. It should be funny, but it’s not. It should be captivating, but it’s not. What is it then? Four minutes that could be spent cleaning the lens on your DVD player, which is what I recommend doing instead.

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