By admin | November 28, 2003

With “Hang Time”, I’m reminded of one of my favorite lists on the Internet, 50 Fun Things To Do In An Elevator. While the list changes a bit through different hands, the spirit of the list remains the same, which is to just be really spontaneous in such an enclosed space because what the hell else is there to do? The list (depending on which one you look at), suggests playing the accordion, starting a sing-along, or hollering “Chutes Away!” as the elevator descends. But the list has never suggested anything such as what is found here, by way of a courier who is an “elevator jumper”.
We first encounter this “elevator jumper”, credited as Randall (Todd Giebenhain) in the end credits, standing next to an uptight businessman (Mark Devine). The guy is a bit disturbed by Randall and finds him even stranger when he presses more buttons than necessary when they get into the elevator. Where the hell is this guy going anyway?
Nowhere, as a matter of fact. What Randall does is this: As the elevator doors close and right when the elevator starts descending, Randall jumps and actually stays that way for a couple of seconds, before coming back down. From the looks of his expression, it looks like quite a rush and soon enough, he’s involved a businesswoman (Julia Rose) as well as two nuns (Dotty Carey and Maureen Lombardo) in his activity. Soon enough, the entire elevator, all except the uptight businessman, is jumping up at the right moment as the elevator descends, basically breaking any barriers that crop up when it comes to “unwritten elevator etiquette”. Will that one holdout ever decide to give up and join in? And what will happen when he does? Hopefully you’ll find out one way or another because this is a really funny and well-shot short.

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