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By Jeremy Knox and Mariko McDonald | July 8, 2008

The Montreal Fantasia Film Festival has the arguably unique distinction of hosting some of the most mind blowing, diverse and obscure genre films you’d ever want to see all under one roof. I’ve said before that this is the place you HAVE to come to in order to be on forefront of influential and cult cinema; and absolutely nothing has changed my opinion about that. I can’t prove this, but 99% of the time that some obscure Asian movie is remade I’m willing to bet that the big studios have sent scouts here to preview possible candidates. How else would they know to remake Shutter? There aren’t a million other places it could have played and they sure didn’t go to Thailand to watch it.

Last year I did a sort of preview of what films were going to play at the festival; it was fun to sort of try and guess which movies I’d go see and might like based solely on having watched the trailers and read their synopsis. So this year I’m doing it again, but this time because the beautiful and talented Mariko McDonald will be there at the Festival as well I thought I’d get her input.

So here’s the Film Threat version of He Said/She Said. (Note to readers: I’m always right. *wink, nudge*)(Whatever, Jeremy. – MM)

Have fun reading!

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