Rob Zombie. “”Halloween.” I like Zombie. I like “”Halloween.” I don’t like Zombie doing a remake of “”Halloween.” It seems ridiculous and self-serving, and I think he deserves all the backlash he has received. That said, I think he’ll do a great job and make a movie that is frightening and able to fill seats. I won’t be one of those seat fillers, though. (Perhaps if it were a sequel instead of a new paint-by-numbers kit.)

Zombie, as proven with his other two films (“”House of 1,000 Corpses” and “”The Devil’s Rejects”) has his own unique vision and knows how to create scary situations. Why he chose to tackle a remake is a mystery, except maybe that it will cause his name to be known by even more people who would never bother seeing his other two films because they are unfamiliar properties. I never thought Zombie was one to cater to the general audience (even if it is a horror general audience), but now I’m not so sure.

Somebody mentioned to me that he may be doing it for the money. If that’s the case, I’m even more disappointed. If he’s prostituting himself, and doing it through remakes no less, I guess he could be doing worse (a remake of “”Street Trash” or something), but it’s still prostituting. If he was going to make a money grab, he should have at least went with something original to keep some semblance of respect.

I have no doubt that Zombie believes in what he’s doing. I also have no doubt that he loves the original film. I also think he believes he can add something new to franchise. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s doing a remake of a very successful, very popular horror film that still stands the test of time. Fans have every right to get upset (though Zombie thought otherwise), and they have every right to make their voices heard. They have just as much right as Zombie has a right to make the damn film. I just think one is justified and the other is not.

A classic is a classic for a reason. There’s no need to go back to drawing board with it just so you can put your own stamp on it or update it for “”current” audiences. It’s egotistical and dangerous to one’s career to do so. (Don’t believe me? Imagine if Spielberg decided to remake “”Citizen Kane.” Even though I don’t like the film, I do consider it a classic, and I believe people would be highly upset if that were to happen. Is “”Halloween” comparable? In some ways, yes. It is a classic of the genre, and has inspired quite a few movies since its original release.)

Zombie can do what he wants, and he will. He’s Zombie. I’m staying away from the film, though. I don’t like my classics messed with. Maybe I’ll see his next film … if it’s not a remake or some other such s**t. God knows I’d like to see everything he does, but I have standards. Unlike, apparently, Zombie.

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    Why do people feel the need to keep remaking classics? It must be pure greed.

  2. Will H. says:

    From what I heard the Weinsteins threatened to put a hack in the director’s seat if Zombie didn’t go along. Personally I think Zombie feels if its going to happen anyway at least he can make it good. Beside that I can’t see him doing more damge to the “Halloween” legacy than “Halloween: Reserction”.

  3. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    “Somebody mentioned to me that he may be doing it for the money. If that’s the case, I’m even more disappointed.”

    Money and leeching off of someone elses reputation.

    I have the quote of him complaining about remakes, and expressing no need for them, and then he does this.

    It’s money alright.

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