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Bryers Cucumber Tostinos

By Alan Ng | October 18, 2021

A young boy, abandoned at birth in a Hungarian deli, eagerly awaits his mother’s return in Christopher J. Hall’s short film, Bryers Cucumber Tostinos. The problem is that the young boy (Patrick Tamisiea), who gave himself the name Bryers Cucumber Tostinos, has been waiting 10-15 years, and he’s no longer a boy… physically.

Afraid to leave the deli (just in case his mother might show), Bryers spends his day tormenting store owner Lazlo (Kevin Pollack) and every female customer by asking them if they are his mother. Bryers’ world changes when Lazlo’s niece, Mallory (Maggie Mae Fish), spends the summer working at the deli. Bryers is immediately smitten with her, though h’s (obviously) never had the proper upbringing to help him process these strange, new feelings.

“…never had the proper upbringing to help him process these strange, new feelings.”

Bryers Cucumber Tostinos runs like the first act of a bigger story. The short film establishes the who, what, and where with a quick glimpse into Bryers’ love for Mallory, and then it ends. As Bryers, Patrick Tamisiea brings high energy and an offbeat manchild vibe to the character. Let’s be honest, Tamisiea has an undeniable resemblance to Zach Galifianakis. However, he straddles that line between juvenile annoying and being likable.

As a short film, Bryers Cucumber Tostinos has fantastic production values as Bryers has created his makeshift home in the deli. Silliness is the operative word here, and director Hall wisely keeps the people supporting Bryers’ story grounded. However, while Hall does a fantastic job establishing the character, I would like to have seen more of an arc present for Bryers.

Bryers Cucumber Tostinos (2021)

Directed: Christopher J. Hall

Written: Patrick Tamisiea, Nicholas Leeds

Starring: Patrick Tamisiea, Kevin Pollack, Maggie Mae Fish, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Bryers Cucumber Tostinos Image

"…silliness is the operative word here..."

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