By Don R. Lewis | January 21, 2006

Man, I’m sleepy. I saw 3 screenings last night (PETER PAN FORMULA…blah….WIDE AWAKE….ironic title, so-so movie…and THIN which was tremendous. It’s about women with eating disorders only it’s very intimate. The director should win a nobel prize or something, seriously. I saw one of the girls today and wanted to say hi but what do you say to someone who’s a recovering purger? “Hey, way to go?” “Hey, way to keep it down?” “Hey, you look great!” Nothing felt right.

This morning I had FRIENDS WITH MONEY and I’m still trying to process it or not. Ever see a movie that was pretty good but the more you thought about it, the more you question if you really liked it? Well, that’s that movie for me. I also saw OPEN WINDOW just now and am having similar issues. Although Robin Tunney is AWESOME in it!

Next, I’m off to CROSSING ARIZONA which is the little known sequel to RAISING ARIZONA. Just kidding, it’s about illegal immigration.

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