Do you have a feature film that is great? Has it played some festivals and maybe even won an award or two? Has your film gotten some good press? Are all the rights to music, talent, etc. cleared? And, despite all of this, do you still not have a DVD/video deal? If so, we want to hear about your film. Film Threat, the premier web resource for independent film, has started a DVD/video distribution company, Film Threat DVD, and we want to distribute the best independent and underground films that have somehow been overlooked by other distributors. Film Threat DVD sells DVDs through its popular Film Threat site, and by placing DVDs in retail outlets. Film Threat DVD also consults on the design, marketing and production of the DVD, and can also author and produce the DVDs for filmmakers. Film Threat DVD only licenses rights from filmmakers. We do not ask to have the ownership rights of your film signed over to us. Interested? Please send a synopsis, festival history, and other relevant press-related information about your film to Mitchell Bard, Film Threat DVD’s East Coast Head of Acquisitions, at (in the body of the e-mail, no attachments, please)

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