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By Michael Ferraro | September 6, 2006

“If something ever happens to me, people are gonna be like ‘we knew a croc would get him!'” – Steve Irwin

Yeah buddy, but we never thought a stingray would get you. Nor did any of us ever want one to. You were a remarkable human being my friend. I loved your show. I loved your ability to walk up to whatever you wanted to without having any noticeable reservations or fears.

A Film Threat reader on our message board asked, “Why Steve Irwin and no Steve-O?” A better question, based on the DVD treatment of the original (un-edited) trilogy, would probably be, “Why Steve Irwin and not George Lucas?” But I digress. Heck, when Bronson died, I even wondered, “Why Charles Bronson and not Britney Spears?” But I digress again.

Few celebrity deaths have affected me over the years. Obviously Charles Bronson’s did. Johnny Cash’s did. I was so much a fan of Steve Irwin that I actually saw Collision Course in the theater, and I paid for it. And I didn’t hate it. This dude had a sort of energy I’ve envied since my first introduction to him. He loved animals, he loved life, and he lived it to the fullest.

Stupid stingray. I’d like to punch that stingray in the face. Who would have thought that a man who juggles alligators while jump roping poisonous snakes would die at the hands of a stingray?

My thoughts go out to his family left behind. Two kids and a wife who shared many of his wildlife adventures are still here to carry his name on.

Steve, if you’re reading this, I usually draw pictures in honor of the subject matter I write about here. But my inspiration lately seems to have leaked out of me, rendering me drawless. So I found this video I’d like to share and dedicate to you from another fallen hero of mine. I hope you enjoy it Steve. I’ll miss you my Australian friend. The world just isn’t quite the same without you. Sleep well.


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  1. says:

    For me his death ended a chapter in my life. My son has grown up watching him. He watches Animal Planet every day. Now he is 11 and he knows what happened. But it is almost a loss of innocence.

  2. gigi says:

    Mike, that is a sweet tribute. I loved Steve Irwin too. I’ll kick anyone’s a*s for saying s**t about him. He was an excellent being; yeah, he was a showman but beyond that, he really truly did an astonishing amount for wildlife and conservation. Not only in Australia, but worldwide. Who is this old dried up Greer twat who is talking smack about him?

    I tried to get over to his ZOo when I lived in Oz. I really regret now not going. I will never forget the footage of him and his pet camel…it was chasing him around and playing with him like it was a dog! Who plays like that with a camel! And also him feeding the crocs…their jaws snapping together was astonishing! KA-WHAP! I liked Steve first because he really truly was into what he was doing. And was high on life!

    Thinking of Steve’s family. HIs wife is reported to be devastated. They were truly in love.

  3. YiQi says:

    “Steve, if you’re reading this,”

    and you doubt the existence of unseen forces. if there are no unseen forces, there’d be no way Steve or any dead person could read this. or be listening.

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