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By Film Threat Staff | December 6, 2006

The days of DV filmmaking pioneers InDigEnt are officially numbered. Producer-director Gary Winick has declared that the film company will shut down in January 2007.

“I couldn’t keep it together. As of January we’re biting the dust after six years,” Winick told reporters.

“I kind of think we had our moment in time. Unfortunately there is no million-dollar film any more that actually gets in the market place and makes some money because the studios want the ‘Capotes’ and the ‘Sideways’ … they want the $8-million film to make a $100 million instead of the $1-million to make $10 (million). That’s the problem,” he said.

InDigEnt found its place on the map with early successes “Tadpole” and “Pieces of April” (though neither film could be considered “good-looking”), but in recent years has failed to find the same level of success.

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