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By Eric Campos | February 11, 2002

You would think that a short about an 80 year-old woman training to be a gymnast would be pretty goddamned funny, wouldn’t you? Well this shot on video debacle sure as hell isn’t. Not a giggle uttered, not a smile cracked. Actually, now that I’ve seen “Going For The Old”, I’m finding myself pretty pissed off.
The filmmakers got an old lady to play the part of the 80 year-old gymnast. Nothing wrong with that, right? Makes sense. Well, the main problem here is that they also have her act old. You know what I’m saying? They’ve got her acting all hunchbacked and wobbly and s**t to the point that she looks more like a moron than an elderly person and not a funny moron either. If the filmmakers wanted to really make this short work, they would’ve gotten an old woman that was as f****d up as they had their elderly actress try and be. They needed a bent old woman with a death wish who wouldn’t mind giving it her all on the monkey bars of death.

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