Clay Liford caught my attention with his awesome short film “My Mom Smokes Weed” and we’ve become chums over the years. While I felt I shouldn’t review a friend’s film, I thought it would be enlightening to talk to him about his intense sci-fi film “Earthling,” so we sat down during SXSW 2010 and did this interview. The film’s producer, Barack Epstein, joined us and we chatted about “Earthling,” David Cronenberg, the amazing SXSW filmmaking community and every filmmakers festival nightmare that happened to Liford the night he and I met. “Earthling,” which features William Katt and Peter Greene, premiered at SXSW 2010 and is hitting the festival circuit hard including showings at the Dallas International Film Festival this week. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, low budget thrillers and the occasional mind-f**k of a movie, “Earthling” is for you.


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  1. Don R. Lewis says:

    Yeah! You tell em, Justin! Hey….wait….a….second….

  2. Justin says:

    How in the F**K can you even work or run a film website like FILM THREAT, and NEVER have seen BIG WEDNESDAY? What the f**k? I stumbled across this in research for a project, and actually am looking forward to EARTHLING. With the exception of Clay Liford, how in the f**k can you two other guys 1.) Never have seen BIG WEDNESDAY. and 2.) Peg William Katt as a one note after “his television career.” You guys should really take the time to learn more before you attempt to make films, cause this bullshit is why your stuff isn’t getting seen or why no-one cares about it. You’re forgetting Katt’s work in films like HOUSE and NAKED OBSESSION or LAST CALL, of more recently MAN FROM EARTH. (which you probably haven’t even seen) William Katt is a wonderful under-used actor, and has made a SLEW of fuckin’ great projects post television. As well as his own two directed films. You’re film education just isn’t as in-depth as it should be, and maybe you should learn some more before you go off and start spouting un-educated s**t. Geez..

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