By Admin | December 6, 2002

Nothing sucks more than being trapped in an elevator with an a*****e. They’re rude, crude, and even worse, can be gassy as hell. What do you do when a situation like this occurs in a 10 x 6 enclosed space? Played strictly for laughs, “Going Down” brings you back to this personal hell, making you laugh and at the same time relieved that you’re not there. 
The rapid-fire dialogue of debate between the two gentlemen is hysterical. They are David and Goliath of the adult English language, each with a delivery worthy of the classic comedies of the 30’s and 40’s. Writer/Director Dominic Inzana does an outstanding job of getting his characters to state the obvious in the most sophisticated ways. It’s final moments are dark, yet amusing, and will warp your dirty little mind hours after the movie has ended.
Some might be thrown by it’s off color humor, but in a world where multiplexes are spewing out the latest in potty jokes, it’s refreshing to know that dark humor like this still lives.  

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