On [ November 3rd, 2000 ] , at the Tokyo Film Festival, the latest film in the ever-expanding Godzilla universe, officially entitled “Godzilla X Megaguirus,” will see its world premiere. From [ November 3rd ] to [ November 21st ] , Toho (masterminds of the Godzilla empire) will plaster two of Tokyo’s biggest malls with a ton of promotional events, including:
– A full display of two of the sets used in the film’s major battle scenes, which will be available for public viewing.
– A Godzilla impersonator (not actual size) in full costume for fan photo appearances on weekends and holidays.
– A Godzilla-sized footprint for the curious to compare their peds against.
– Numerous costumes from films past, including those of Mothra and Fire Rodan, and accompanying film histories.
All of these Tokyo treats are a part of the Toho-based film promotion “Operation: Godzilla is Everywhere”. Seeing as the only acts coming to U.S. malls these days are upstart boy bands, TriStar (who will be responsible for the stateside release) should be urged to indulge American Godzilla fans with a comparable event. For more on the latest Godzilla news, see [ the Toho/Godzilla website. ]

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