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By Chris Gore | October 21, 2002

They may not be the easiest films to describe, but one thing’s for sure – the imagery in Godfrey Reggio’s “Qatsi” trilogy is damn pretty, whether it’s depicting the creation of life or the destruction of it.

Naqoyqatsi, the third and final film in Godfrey Reggio’s trilogy is finally here and it promises to be as visually stimulating as its predecessors, this time focusing on man grappling with 21st Century technology and how it is altering media, art, entertainment, sports, politics, medicine, warfare, ethics, nature, culture and our future. It’s a barrage of manufactured imagery, unlike the natural beauty presented in the other films.

Godfrey Reggio took some time with us to talk about Naqoyqatsi and technofascism.

Get the interview in part two of GODFREY REGGIO: MAKING THE FINAL “QATSI”>>>

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