By Admin | February 27, 2006

Below is a message from Justin Paul Ritter, a filmmaker in need of a few helping hands.

hey name is Justin Paul Ritter…I’ve got a really insane new horror movie just about to be released called, “KatieBird*certifiable crazy person…just curious if you might be willing to help out a truly unique indie horror flick…
to give you a heads up, right now we’re in a strange position with the almighty BlockBuster gods; apparently they have approved KatieBird as an acceptable title for their stores (this is a huge hurdle that we’re glad to have gotten over), but they have not actually made a national buy (this is the hurdle that is tripping us up)…basically, they said that they like the movie, and think it would be a good blockbuster movie, and they are letting individual store owners put it on shelves if they decide to so, but to get a national buy (which means 10’s of thousands of copies) there needs to be some sort of a demand made by the fans…if everyone were to go to their local blockbuster and demand it be on the shelves, maybe corporate would take notice! maybe it sounds like a lot for me to ask you to help out like this, but I’ve seen the power of the grassroots marketing we’ve already done, and this is just a way to take it one step further…what do you think? Can the voice of the people truly make an impact on the powers that be?!?!? If you want to help, please click the PETITION LINK below and sign up!!!

…wishing the best…from the void…justin.paul.ritter…

Go to the petition>>>

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