By Eric Campos | November 24, 2003

In this rude, crude, gaudy and often hilarious comedy, which premiered at Sundance this past January (2003), the title “Girls Will be Girls” serves somewhat as a battle cry with three bitchy women living together in a vibrantly cartoonish Los Angeles home, taking out their frustrations on one another verbally and otherwise. It’s an 80-minute catfight. And it’s a definite point of interest that these three women are played by men.
Evie is an old, washed up B actress whose claim to fame was being in some piece of s**t called “Asteroid” years before we catch up with her in this film. Now, she just stumbles about the house getting drunk and throwing herself at anything with a dick. However, she looks like a stick of beef jerky with legs, so anything with a dick is usually smart enough to stay way. Then there’s Coco, who spends her days fantasizing about her long lost love – the doctor who performed her many abortions years before. She has a bad case of the winds, too. And finally, there’s Varla, new kid on the block, fresh off the bus from Smalltown USA, who is the source of Evie’s raging jealousy as Varla is a fresh, young face who has a better shot at landing a movie role than some withered up old hag. Throw these characters in a house together then stand back and watch the train wreck.
Playing actual females and not drag queens, it’s amazing how much these actors look like women, especially Jeffery Roberson as Varla. It’s downright shocking. All three actors are incredible in their roles as these catty females who inspire steady laughs through their energetic performances and raunchy dialogue. You also have the mad doctor set design to chew on with its vibrant colors and outlandish décor. This movie is like a big piece of candy with DEFINITELY some of the most bizarre nudity you will ever see at the chewy center. “Girls Will be Girls” is good goddamn fun!

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