By Eric Campos | December 23, 2005

The world loves a GWG, a “Girl With Gun,” a female assassin if you will. Some are more lethal (Chesty Morgan as Double Agent 73 comes to mind) while others are more…complex. Director Russ Emanuel and screenwriter Emile Haris introduce us to Gwen Hunter, a professional assassin who is just as concerned about fashioning some sort of normal life for herself as she is dispatching the bad guys.
As Nightingale, Gwen busts up mob bosses, drug peddlers and wall-crawling ninja chicks, and she’s pretty damn good at it, too. But it’s her regular life as simply Gwen Hunter that she’s having trouble handling. She envies her best friend’s comfy homelife and she freaks out her boyfriend by showing up to lunch dates covered in bruises from back alley brawls. Gwen needs to make an important choice if she wants to get some focus on her life.
This action packed romantic comedy has a little something for both the lovers and the fighters.

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