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By Scott Knopf | September 15, 2011

Shot like a paranormal reality show, Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report is an impressive mockumentary about a band of supernatural investigators known as the Paranormal Underworld Detective Society (P.U.D.S.).  Lead by the charismatic Dr. Zeke Wallace, the P.U.D.S. crew inspects supposed haunted locales and attempts to record their findings for their TV show. 

This “pilot episode” jumps right into the action as the team prepares to investigate the house of Tyler Rae Kinsey—a young pageant queen who was brutally murdered.  They load their vans up with videographers, security guards, and a hilarious psychic named Guy Swisher.  Once they’re in the house, they employ night vision camera techniques pulled directly from shows like “Ghost Hunters.”

The horror elements of Ghost Trek work perfectly with the comedic mockumentary style.  When Wallace and his cohorts explore the Kinsey’s basement, they come face to face with a demonic little girl…to which they respond with “It’s Tyler Rae’s guh-guh-guh-GHOST” (see: Scooby Doo).  And in addition to the supernatural aspects of their show, the P.U.D.S. cameras also capture the behind-the-scenes drama of putting on a show for a corporate network.  From photo shoots to producer meetings, Ghost Trek pokes fun at the absurdity of trying to combine Otherworlds with the business world.

One last note, the cast delivers great performances across the board.  Even with the show’s interesting premise and wacky comedy style, none of the actors ever come off as too over-the-top or annoying.  Everyone plays their part well and the ensemble works as a whole.  Professional wrestling fans should be excited to see Glenn “Disco Inferno” Gilbertti and Scott “Colt Cabana” Colton as the “Goon Squad” – two members of the P.U.D.S. Team security force.  Ghost Trek is ridiculously entertaining and deserving of a full season of follow-up episodes.

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