If you’ve attended any midnight screenings of John Cameron Mitchell’s glam rock epic in Los Angeles, you can attest to the madness of people running through the aisles, naked, screaming and singing, and covered in body paint. This isn’t the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
The past midnight screenings of Hedwig have been such a blast that the Laemmle Fairfax Cinemas have decided to dedicate the fourth Friday of every month to a Hedwig and the Angry Inch sing-a-long night, featuring a live cast. So you know what that means, tonight, February 28th is Hedwig sing-a-long night.
Rainbow Carnage, a group of hardcore Hedwig fans, will provide the live entertainment, acting out certain scenes in front of the screen and encouraging the audience to sing along. But, once again, this isn’t Rocky Horror. Hedwig is an amazing film on its own and the people that attend these screenings just want to climb into the movie experience as much as possible. However, we also hear that audience members are asked to remain silent for the more dramatic scenes. There’s still plenty of film appreciation at these screenings, so if you plan on being a rowdy drunk who can’t keep their mouth shut, you may want to think twice about attending. After all, you wouldn’t want to be smacked in the head with someone’s angry inch.
So what are you waiting for? It’s Friday! Put on some make-up and pull that wig back down from the shelf and go be Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
For more info, visit the Rainbow Carnage website.

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